Terms & Conditions for the Shinda Na Mega Promotion



Terms and conditions for this promotional campaign are as follows:



  1. That Shinda Na Mega Promotion is valid from 8th October 2021 till 7th January 2022.
  2. The timings for the promotion are between 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily;
  3. That to qualify for this promotion, you must be above 18 years and with a National ID or passport and KRA PIN. Any person below age 18 is not eligible to participate.
  4. That Raffle coupon will be issued for the minimum purchase of multiples of Kshs. 1,000/= spent at participating tenants shops in Mega Properties Malls;
  5. That each coupon entitles the customer to enter one raffle draw;
  6. That Customers can enter the draw with more than one coupon;
  7. That Customers may redeem their receipts with coupons every day from the dedicated Shinda Na Mega Promotion Counters at Mega Properties Malls;
  8. That only customers with official proof of purchase (receipts) will be allowed to redeem them for coupons;
  9. That Coupons are not transferable from one mall to another, and prizes must be claimed only by the stated coupon holder in the mall of purchase, and where raffle ticket is;
  10. That prizes must be claimed during the draw, or within 3 months after the draw.
  11. That prize winners who don’t claim their prizes within 3 months after the end of promotion shall be deemed to have forfeited their prizes. Such unclaimed prizes shall be surrendered to BCLB.
  12. That Prize(s) shall not be exchanged for cash;
  13. That Mega Properties shall not be responsible for the loss of the voucher, whether inside or outside the mall, including parking and or loading and offloading areas;
  14. That winners shall be contacted via the contact details and information provided in the raffle coupon upon registration;
  15. That all financial institutions such as Banks, Money services, Offices, Insurance companies, ATMs and Colleges/Universities are excluded from this promotion.;
  16. That Mega Properties staff and Management, as well as staff of all participating stores and their related families, are not eligible to participate in the raffle draw;
  17. That above terms and conditions apply solely to the Shinda Na Mega Promotion offer within the timeframe specified in it;
  18. That Shinda Na Mega Promotion shall not be considered as a promise to obtain any financial or otherwise profits or gifts for the coupon holders;
  19. That participants shall fill in their details and answer the question by filling blank spaces in the entry form correctly;
  20. That winners MUST produce their original ID/Passport, KRA PIN and contact details to claim their prizes;
  21. That Blank Coupons and Coupons that are not correctly filled shall be disqualified;
  22. That the promotion remains subject to the provisions of BCLB Act (Cap 131) Laws of Kenya, and any dispute arising out of this promotion shall be resolved in accordance with the provisions of the Act.
  23. That any amendments to this promotion shall be done in consultation with BCLB.
  24. That all winners not present during the draws shall be contacted via 0700668559